Parkway Quad

On the varsity, the Quad was not what we expected. The team didn’t hold together as we had seen in practice, so the results were less than for what had hoped. We had some runners dealing with some ailments which we think will be taken care of in the next few weeks. Brett Davis and Jake Bode ran well, but the rest of the team had some trouble. We had three new additions to the varsity and there definitely some growing pains.

The JV boys looked good. We had some solid performances from many. Michael Todd and John Gordon really made the race happen. John is in his second year with us and is doing everything we ask and showing why I had high hopes for him. Unfortunately, both of these guys were passed near the end of the race. Lesson: never take anything for granted. Someone is always back there waiting to pounce. Sophomore Luke Ungerer has been working hard since the day we met him in 2015. He finished third for us, and his hunger is impressive. Bryan Van Genderen is also one who has bought in completely with our program. Followed by Justin Klopfer, our top five finished within twenty-six seconds of each other, not a bad grouping. And watching all that red near the front was encouraging. We are excited for these guys to improve and for them to challenge for varsity spots as the season moves along.

We have some work to do, but our attitude and commitment are what we need. Things will progress well, we believe.

Quad results here: