Rim Rock Farm Classic Footnotes

Rim Rock Classic Footspeed Notes

First, thank you to the parents who made the trip and supplied healthy snacks for the boys.  I know we were running around like crazy people, but we were happy to see your faces there even if it was only fleeting, and I know the boys are grateful for your support.

Our annual trip to Rim Rock was rewarding for us on many levels.  We always have a good time, but we hope to also have good times—and we did.  After racing in heat, on hills, and on swampy courses, Rim Rock was cooler, not cool, and the ground was firm.  The team is getting over the physical ailments that have troubled us, and we are beginning to look like the team we hope to be.

First, Ryan Bode had a race that gives us hope that he will be in the hunt as we get closer to the state series.  With about 600 meters to go, he moved to the left of the pack he was in in order to pass people and make his surge to the finish.  His 16:50 time bodes well for the upcoming meets.  Brett Davis ran a season best 17:25 and wasn’t happy with it.  That’s OK with us.  If he’s unsatisfied, we’ll help him get to where he will be satisfied.  David Venkatesan gave us the race we thought we should get from him based on his good workouts.  He ran his best time by over 1:15, very impressive.

In the JV race JD staked his claim to return to varsity after carefully and methodically rehabbing from ITB syndrome.  His 18:34.8 led the JV, but Sterling is demonstrating a consistency we love and finished just behind JD at 18:35.7.  Michael Todd ran his best time of the season by almost a minute.  He bragged about his finish which I didn’t see for being in a different part of the course, but I’m told it was a “ting of beauty.”  Bravo, Michael, you’ve worked very hard over the past few seasons and your success is well earned.  Luke Ungerer ran a lifetime best 19:10.  He just does everything right in an quest to be the best runner he can be.  The same goes for Bryan Van Genderen who ran a lifetime best of 19:31.7.  This was his first time under twenty minutes, nice dip, Bryan.

We will continue to work towards the state series with good racing along the way.  The boys are working hard in practice with a mind focused on success.  Their attitude is right for our goal chasing.

Complete results for Rim Rock are at the following link:


We are in the Gold Divisions of both varsity and JV.


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Author: Ted Faulhaber

Head Coach Boys Cross Country