State Meet Footspeed Notes

The State Meet was a success for all of our runners.  The weather was perfect, cool with no wind, and it made for fast times.  Eleven runners in the 4A race ran under 16:00.  A look at recent history of the meet shows that no more than six have run under that barrier in over five years (I didn’t go much farther back), quite a fast race. Only time will tell if the day was fast or if the kids are just getting faster.

For us, Katherine Franz ran within seven seconds of her personal best on a course much more challenging than the one where she ran her PR.  This simply means she ran the best race of her life in the last high school cross country race of her career.  Bravo, Katherine.

On the boys’ side, there were also good races.  Ryan Bode, somewhat hampered with an injury, still ran competitively and with guts in this speedy race.  He wasn’t really able to practice for the past two weeks and we were quite pleased with how he ran under the circumstances.  It’s a bummer that he wasn’t 100% for this since he has waited so long to have an opportunity to run at State.

Brett Davis had a great day.  He was bouncy in practice all week, and we were expecting something special.  We got it.  He ran the fastest time of his life.  He too had a PR from earlier in the season on a flat course.  For him to run his best time at the state meet on that challenging course is a great feat; he dropped from 16:58.8 to 16:57.2.  Afterwards it was clear he was just made hungrier by the performance.  He’s a junior.  “Next year, top ten,” he said.

Author: Ted Faulhaber

Head Coach Boys Cross Country