Rim Rock Footspeed Notes

Our annual trip to Kansas yielded positive results for most of our guys. Skip sent a note about the bus ride and the heat. I don’t know what he is talking about. The bus driver told us he had a 2×11 air conditioning system on our comfort coach—two sides, eleven windows… Still we encouraged lots of hydration, and it paid off. Brett, John, Bryan and David all ran season bests on Saturday. The four freshmen who made the trip—Eric, Luke Diehl, James, and Daniel–all ran lifetime bests, and James and Daniel both broke nineteen minutes for the first time. Drew and Justin also ran lifetime bests. That’s ten who ran season or lifetime bests. The most impressive part of this is this was the toughest course we have been on this season, and the weather was unseasonably warm. Of course, the excitement of making this trip and running on a big stage sets them up for a big day. They still have to answer that challenge, though, and they did.

This is an extremely competitive meet. Fifty-seven guys ran under seventeen minutes—that’s fast. Brett was just over that at 17:02.1. He meted out his effort wisely. Later in the race, he closed on and passed runners who were less measured in their efforts. He is progressing well through this season, and we are excited at his prospects moving forward.

Andrew Hediger had a great day. He ran almost a minute faster than he has all season except for on the Castlewood fast track, but he was still twenty-seven seconds faster than he was there. That’s a real move forward. We have been looking for this type of performance from him. Nicely done, Drew. Justin dropped nearly eleven seconds from his previous best performance when he led the way for us at Forest Park. He steps up at the important times.

Jake Bode has been snake bit this season. He had a much better week in practice, and we were hoping for an indication that he is heading towards the expectations we have for him. Unfortunately, his shoe was stepped on and he lost it. A little later he lost the other. Shoeless Jake Bode ran the last mile and a half worse off than “my son John” of “Deedle deedle dumpling…” fame. That guy had at least one shoe on. As the blues song says, “If (he) didn’t have bad luck, (he’d) have none at all.” Let’s hope his (bad) luck has run out.

And the freshmen just continue to impress. They conducted themselves like gentlemen and raced with great tenacity. Bravo once again.

The ride home was fine. The same air conditioning system cooled as well as it did on the way there. I’m not sure if it contributed to Skip’s leaving his cell phone in a roadside restroom, but he got to take a long round trip Monday to retrieve it. Although the pizza eating contest of years past was exciting, no one challenged anyone this year, and we are happy no one fouled a cooler when his stomach rebelled from the abuse….

Thanks to Ryan Bauer who was spotted on the rim of a rock at the race. He and his family made the trip to visit family at KU. Since he made the effort, we’ll almost forgive the wearing of the KU colors.

Good efforts this past week. Keep it up.



Northwest Footspeed Notes

Thanks to Ken Campbell and all at Northwest for having us out for a race. When we arrived Coach Campbell was making sure the course was well marked, so no one could go off course. They are proud of that course and groom it well. If only they could have groomed the weather to be a bit cooler. Having left our top fourteen runners at home to train in prep for Rim Rock, we knew this was going to be a challenge. Still, our boys fought the good fight. We expected Noah Tennant to be among our leaders today He took the lead early, but an illness he was as yet unaware of had other ideas. He’ll race again soon in the way he has made us expect him to race. The heat clearly overcooked the efforts of our guys, and the opportunity to race fast on this fast course wilted under the unforgiving sun. Jeffrey Ying led the way with a 20:32, followed by Drew, Andrei, Scott, and Will to make our scoring five.

Despite the heat, some of our newer and/or younger runners, ran their best ever at Northwest: Ryan Bauer, Caleb Parker, and A’sonte Brooks fended off the weather to do so. Fortunately, all our runners should get an opportunity to pop a really fast time at our home meet in October.

Lutheran North Footspeed Notes-Skip


The cross country gods were looking out for our best interests today. Not only did the Team run fairly well against two teams that waxed us last week, but we had two Big surprises:

Brett arose to sublimate his illness and vanquish the field; and secondly we scored a deluxe Husky Bus for a circuitous ride both ways!

This was an unusual meet in that the entire team started together and the top 100 medaled. It was to be a duel to the finish with the other Husky team Priory and Clayton. We were in the mix until the 2-mile mark this week, definitely missing Jake Bode chasing Brett due to his blisters that put him on the bench this week…

So it was” all for one” and ” one for all” as the boys raced for position both on the Team, in the race, and maybe for a place on the bus to Rim Rock next week.

Everything played out well through the first mile, as we asked the Varsity to hit the 5:40 or better split: Brett 5:13/Luke 5:30/John 5:36/David 5:36/Justin 5:36/Shawne 5:39/ with Daniel, James, Eric, BVG, Jeff, Ethan and Luke trailing close behind. We had positioned ourselves into the lead. Now it was time to sustain the effort throughout the race and hang tight together as long as physically capable.

Brett was grinding it out up front, slowly putting distance between himself and the entire field. The fight was on for the next 45 athletes to see who would make the top 25!

At the 2-mile Mark Brett rounded a turn and was alone for 80m! His look said it all- calm and machine-like…the tough workouts he laid down last week paying their dividends Thursday. No one in this field could match Brett’s drone-like grind along the course. He easily loped home the last mile for victory, unchallenged.

And then came the pack of Patriots, except that the pack disintegrated into Indian running, single file, following those ahead and not regrouping and attacking. They had held it together as long as possible, however, and were racing for those precious medals of the top 25 and maybe a Team title! Luke, John and Shawne held tough to finish within 18 seconds of each other and in the top 25! – but we needed them hitched at the waist. David, showing signs of overcoming the debilitating pain he’s been experiencing for the last 6 months, raced to 29th, just ahead of Freshman Daniel Tabaca and senior Justin Klopfer in 29/31/32 respectively. Freshmen James Stone and Eric Boles were closing fast in 35/43 position with Drew Hediger in 44th having experienced some breathing problems lately.

We finished 3rd as a team, ahead of 12 other teams but five points behind Clayton and Priory. Still, it brought home the first trophy for the boys, with the realization that it just gets tougher from here on out and that hard work and sacrifice pay dividends in personal growth.

Aside from the front group, we had good, competitive runs from many other Patriots. Will was in a battle with Rocky (what’s new?) with Andrei finding a way to separate them eventually at the finish line. Ryan and Cullen have progressed each week and finished within a couple of seconds of each other. Jeff/Scott/Luke and Drew finished in the medals, with Nathan Patterson one place shy of the top 100…disappointed, but with incentive to work harder in practice each day.

Michael Dowdle/Simon/Trey/Shayne finished within 30 seconds of each other- and can definitely run faster times if packed in a group. The same is true of Spencer/Michael/Kushal.

We had a few casualties as a result of exuberance  in racing. Both Ethan and Cameron went out hard with their respective groups, but paid a heavy toll by the 2-mile mark. Both recovered after the race and celebrated with the Team at the awards ceremony. We train as a team, race as a team. We respect the efforts of all our Patriots. Some days are disappointing, some exhilarating. Let’s work each day to be a bit better than the day before. To progress as a team we must out-train; out-rest; out-eat/sleep/hydrate; out-think; and ultimately out-race our competition. Challenge yourselves. Let’s work hard the next 4 weeks and achieve a successful season with a great District effort. We know its possible.

And Thank You, Gods, for the Husky Bus!




Skip’s Forest Park Recap, edited by TF

It was a struggle from the start. Due to a great week of difficult but successful workouts, the team suffered from a combination of ills: fatigue, sniffles, blisters, heat stress, bee stings, etc…

There was a welcomed appearance by Nicky Matteucci.  He graciously met new team members and encouraged his former teammates.  We are sorry we didn’t give him a better show.
The varsity forgot that they were a Team and raced respectively. The Fr/JV fared better in their efforts, buoyed by fine teamwork from Daniel, David, Luke and James, with Ethan closing fast with a limited giddy-up to seal the 5th spot and bringing the team to a 16th-place finish of 24 scoring teams. The top freshmen, Daniel, Luke, and James, all ran sub 20:00 in their first cross country 5K, and Eric was a just handful of seconds from doing that as well.  Their performances are promising.  Look for some moves to varsity from this group soon!
On the varsity level, our rock solid senior, Brett Davis, came down with debilitating sniffles, (attributed by his father to his unkempt room…Karma is a …) and was removed at the 2-mile mark. Behind Brett, Mr Jake (I’m going out hard) Bode ran until the piano fell on his shoulders, and hot coals toasted his feet – about 1.5 miles. Justin and John did yeomen’s work in covering for those two downed Patriots, with John pulling Justin the entire race until the roll into the finish. BVG sealed the six with a solid/even race, as he was asked to step in for Drew.
Andrei got out fast but fizzled the last two miles. He will need to learn about controlling his throttle to race effectively in the future.  Nick almost set a PR in his first mile as well and consequently suffered the last two miles.
Gentlemen- slowing down is not in the Program. Racing effectively and successfully 99 times out of 100 involves strategic cut downs in pace.
Michael Paul had his finest race yet, probably attributed to a new pair of shoes! I knew it was quite an effort on a hot day as he spent the next 2 hours not reading but passed out under the tent.  Ryan Bauer ran in his first race.  If only he were able to escape the nagging ailments, we might see something fine.
Overall, not very many Patriots ran in effective packs throughout the race. We MUST learn to suffer and race hinged at the waist.
Look for Thursday’s Lutheran North meet to be the quintessential test of our ability and learning curve in deciding weather we travel to Kansas to race successfully or be fodder.

Webster Groves Invitational Footspeed Notes

Congratulations to Brett Davis on his third place at the Webster Groves Invitational. Brett ran a very smart race. Last year’s defending champion, Kevin Koester, was impressive again in repeating as champion. Brett kept his wits about him as others near the front chased Koester. He bided his time, and as the race progressed, he gradually moved from sixth position to third. The team worked quite hard in practice earlier in the week and there was fatigue in their legs, so we didn’t get great performances on Thursday. That’s OK. We aren’t trying to win the early part of the season, and not every meet can be a goal race for us. Shawne felt the best of the remainder of the varsity and did nice work late in the race. The pack of five held together pretty well for the better part of two miles. We want to stick a little closer a little longer each meet and it is hoped that will bring us greater success as the season moves on.

The JV ran well enough to finish third as a team and we had four runners win medals in the race. David, on the limited training he has been able to do with his knee problem, was our top JV runner. Brian wasn’t far behind and gave his usual solid effort. The JV is running pretty well together and the training ahead should make their improvement sure. Other notable JV efforts were given by Drew Whiteaker and Cameron Wilkes, who both ran significantly faster than they did at the Quad which was run on Castlewood’s much less challenging course. We hope that trend continues.

After a report that the freshmen finished second, we learned that a mistake was made, and they actually won again. This is very exciting for the freshmen, and I think the entire team is thrilled with the performances we are seeing from them. It’s one thing to beat four teams at the Quad. It is entirely different to run with nearly 100 guys and to beat 7 teams. Still, the freshmen have some learning to do. Daniel went out very fast and paid a bit for it, but still ran faster than his time trial 3k by over a minute. Had he run a bit more cautiously in the first mile his eventual finish would have been higher, but you have to love the guts he showed and the risk he took. ALL of the freshmen ran faster than their time trial 3k. That is certainly because they are getting more fit, but it also indicates a tenacity they are developing and a desire to be successful. These guys are coming along really well, and if we can keep them healthy, they should compete well throughout the season. We haven’t had a freshmen group this competitive in quite a while. They are doing it right and it’s fun to watch.

2017 Patriot Boys CC Schedule

Parkway South Boys Cross Country 2017

M 31 First practice, Queeny Park 8:30 a.m
T 15 Time Trial Castlewood
S 26 Parkway Quad (West hosts) Castlewood
31 Webster Groves (all) Blackburn Park

S   9 Forest Park XC Festival (all) Forest Park
Th 14 Lutheran North (all) Spanish Lake Park
T   19 Northwest JV NW Site
S   23 Rim Rock * Lawrence, KS
S   30 Capital City (V) Jefferson City

S   7 All-Suburban Meet (all) McNair Park
W  11 Patriot Classic (all) Castlewood
S   21 District (V) ** TBA
S   28 Sectional (V) *** TBA

S   4 State (V qualifiers) Jefferson City
*   Top fourteen athletes with possible exceptions
** There is an open race that all others will run
*** The team or individuals must qualify.  Others have the option of running in an open race

Contact Info:

Head Coach- Ted Faulhaber: swimrunfan@gmail.com 314-910-0858
Assistant Coach Bob Klebolt: rklebol@parkwayschools.net
Assistant Coach Skip MacDowell: macruns@gmail.com