Priory and Capital City Invitational Footspeed Notes

Between these two meets we had thirteen personal best performances. The boys who ran at Priory did themselves and the school proud. Ten of them ran their best times ever, on what I am told is a challenging course. Some of these guys just ran their best times the previous week at Rim Rock. Five of the freshmen ran in their first varsity, race and three of them ran their best ever, Daniel 18:20.1, Eric 19:16.3, and Luke 19:18.9. The other two, James and Noah, still had good or better than good races considering the course. It’s nice to get a varsity race under one’s belt as a freshman. We are thrilled with the job these guys have done this season. Oh, the future looks bright. Among other freshmen running on the JV there were four other personal bests: “I am Matthew Vincent Rogers” 21:40.3; Carson Plaster 23:40; Caleb Parker 23:54. 4 and Michael Dowdle 25:47.8. Other best times were run by Ryan Bauer 22:24.2, Trey Lowenthal 23:22.8, and Cullen Dittmar 24:46.1. Coach Klebolt said the boys ran wonderfully. It was a good day for all involved.

In Jefferson City, the varsity finished 15th of 24 teams. Brett’s IT band was squawking too loudly, so we sat him out. The other boys ran hip to hip for two miles, only breaking apart on the infamous firehouse hill. It was a wedge of red, and it was wonderful to see. It was what we have been hoping for all season.   We have a few more opportunities for these guys to work together and give us the performance of their varsity careers. Let’s hope for good health and that the training pays off when it needs to. In this race three of our varsity ran best ever times. John Gordon displayed his underrated tenacity in leading the way for us. John has been a stalwart member of the team since he joined us as a sophomore. It is good to see him having personal success in his senior year. The fast courses at our next two meets should get him into the 17s. Justin Klopfer has been steady all season and has made great progress, especially in the past two weeks with personal bests at both Rim Rock and at Jeff City. Running 18:18 on the state course means you are becoming real. We also expect him to be in the 17s coming up. Luke Hoeferkamp had his best race of the season considering the course. He has been training well and we look for a breakthrough race next time out. Shawne ran his best at 18:28.5. We think there is still an eye-opening race that he hasn’t shown us yet. That’s OK. Our most important races are still in front of us. Jake avoided any real bad luck this time out. Running a little smarter early will yield better results for him.

Today (Tuesday) we ran our annual 1000s workout. I don’t think we’ve ever had so many guys finish 10×1000. It was a confidence-building day for all of us, coaches included. The boys should be proud of the work they did. We hope to see it pay off in the near future. It was a thing of beauty.

Author: Ted Faulhaber

Head Coach Boys Cross Country