District and Sectional Championships

Congratulations to Brett Davis on qualifying for the State meet for the second year. We were confident that he would move out of the district without much trouble. He did. Brett has been great about taking good care of himself this season. In concert with coaches he has made decisions throughout the season to rest, opt out, and train properly and wisely to get the most out of his ability while dealing with a variety of aches and pains that have kept him from going full out all the time. We hope we have pushed and rested in the right measure to get the optimum performances from him. In the Sectional race he knew he was safely in to qualify for State and as he said, “cruised” into punch his ticket for November 4th.  Saturday he has the opportunity to lay it all out one more time in his high school career. Last year on the State course he ran his lifetime best to that point. If he runs another lifetime best on Saturday, he has a good chance to be All-State, Godspeed, Brett.

Other solid performances at District were given by freshman Daniel Tabaka, who validated our faith in him and finished number two on the team that day. With our returning upperclassmen and the great freshmen group, we are looking forward to a great season in 2018. John ran just off of Daniel for another good race. He has been steady all season, giving consistent performances. It’s tough not to wonder what might have been had we had him as a freshmen. Justin is the other senior who has been a consistent force for us this year. His improvement over previous seasons has been eye opening and enjoyable.

Our JV and freshmen runners ran in the open race to wrap up their seasons, albeit unofficially. It’s hard to race for real at Castlewood and then run exhibition at District on a more authentic cross country course and improve one’s time. Still, many gave good efforts and can be proud of the way their seasons wrapped up, most notably James Stone, who although took a big bite early in the race, still broke nineteen minutes.