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Welcome to the South Cross Country website. The cross country program has designed and produced this site in order to better introduce you to cross country at Parkway South. Over the past 29 years South has produced some of the finest cross country athletes in the state and some of the finest teams in St. Louis and the state of Missouri.

Former South athletes who have been cross country lettermen include Jim Perry, a nuclear physicist in Atlanta; Jim Kassebaum, a Ph.D. in chemistry in Florida; Brent Bartholomew, a physician in Nevada; Brian Tramont, Chief of Staff of the FCC; Todd Anderson, a minister in Illinois; Kay Tietje, an entrepreneur in Connecticut; along with dozens of businessmen, teachers and professionals throughout the country.

South had been the Suburban South Conference team champion twenty of the twenty-six years the Patriots had been members of this conference. No team has won this championship more often. During that time span, South athletes have won fifteen individual conference championships and earned a total of 115 all-conference honors. In 2004 South returned to the Suburban West Conference. South had been a charter member of the Suburban West when it was inaugurated in 1976. South again won the confererence championship in the fall of 2004, its first season back. In addition to the conference dominance, South has been a state power, finishing in the top ten of the state seven times during the decade of the 90’s, with second and third place team finishes and an individual state champion, (Adam MacDowell, 1996). Since the beginning of the new milennium, the Patriots have competed in each state championship and have finished in the top ten of the state in four of the five years, including a third-place finish in 2004.

What all these former teammates share in common is a willingness to accept a challenge and to aspire to greatness. At one point in their careers, they chose to participate in South Cross Country and discovered young men like themselves, who wanted to be special. That is the challenge we offer you today.

Every young man who comes to practice daily and attends class regularly has the opportunity to participate in the maximum number of cross country meets. There are no bench warmers in cross country. No athletes are cut from the team. It is a sport that is both individual and team oriented.

Many of our alumni have been nice enough to write about their experiences in Parkway South Cross-Country and Track. Here's what some of them had to say...

Grant Doty (1984)
"My experience with Coach Schmuck and PS Cross Country and Track was tremendous. While the path I've chosen since leaving PS in 1984 was perhaps untraditional (i.e., West Point and the Army), it is no understatement my experience helped shape who I became as an adult. I found myself frequently drawing upon the things I learned in Track and Cross Country (e.g., honor, loyalty, teamwork, discipline, friendship, integrity, etc.) I can only hope that my own son (now only 20 months-old) will find something he enjoys and serves as a positive influence like I did with PS track and Cross Country."

Jeff Barry (1991)
"I began my athletic career at South by trying out for the soccer team, but was soon cut, and quite upset as a young person. My cousin insisted that I come out to a cross country practice, and assured me that no one gets cut from the team. Within a matter of days I felt at home, and as if I had a new family. The team atmosphere and prevailing positive attitude made me both a good athlete, but better yet, a great person. I can still hear Coach saying before meets, "No matter if we win or lose, just remember that your mom will still love you, your dad will still love you, and I'll still love you!" I know that sounds corny, but what a great, unpressured position for a young man to be in. In addition, I know of NO one that has ever made me try as hard as Coach Schmuck did. Not because of hard workouts, although there were many, but out of respect. I and the team wanted to compete hard because Coach had instilled great confidence in ourselves, and I can never thank him enough for that. I urge everyone to join the team and make the most of it. Go South!"

Mike King (1980)
"Great memories of friendship, hard work and success. Cross country has been a base to go from in my life and has kept me running thru the years. Proud to be a Patriot X-MAN."

Adam Chitwood (1999)
"Great friends in a very demanding sport. Teamwork is a must. No one left without a great work ethic."

Ross Hubble (1993)
"I hadn't planned on running Cross Country as a freshman, but I ended up running all four years and I loved it. I remember the meets, especially the big ones, like Quad, Conference, District, Sectional, and State. I have a lot of good memories. Coach Schmuck was a great influence on all of us, and I really remember him for this."

Buddy Patterson (1999)
"I learned how to have personal control and respect from the teachings of Dr. Schmuck, and the cross-country program"

Andrew Powelson (1993)
"I was one of those chubby and out of shape freshman who had never truly run before. But yet I "tried out" for the team, and for the first year I really did not care much for the actual running "part of it". What kept me interested was the emphasis on "TEAM" and the camaraderie that went along with it. Somewhere between the Dunkin' Donuts, the IBC Root beers and those "hills", I discovered the importance of discipline, the power of teamwork, and claimed a hint of glory. I will never forget the fun times, the hard times, and the successes that followed. Best wishes to all -- and remember to always "look good" out there."

Craig Luciano (1992)
"I remember the summer before my freshman year reading the recruiting letters Coach Schmuck sent out and thinking that it all sounded kind of interesting. The idea that they didn’t cut, there was a place for everyone, and that there was the possibility to work your way up was appealing…. I also remember thinking that there was no way that I was going to go to that first practice because of a total fear of the unknown. If it weren’t for my mom getting a hold of the letters and literally forcing me to go that first day, I wouldn’t have. I remember how relieved I was when I got there and 3 or 4 of my buddies from Boy Scouts showed up, too! I might hate the fact that we are actually supposed to run every day, but at least it would be a social thing. Come to find out, I had a little natural talent, and the Cross-Country and Track Program ended up playing a major role in my development, not only as an athlete, but for my self-esteem, my sense of belonging, developing a work ethic, social outlet and other factors. "

Greg Fischer (1982)
"The times I had at South Cross Country are some of the most memorable in my life. The friends I made there are still some of my best friends. The lessons I took from South I have used throughout my life."

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