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Parkway Quad Results and Review
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The Varsity guys took a pretty good beating at the Quad. High mileage has been the focus for the Varsity group for the past month and it proved to take its toll on their performance. With the end goal of qualifying for the State meet this season; the high mileage was a necessary evil to get us where we need to be at the end of October.

Dale Shepard's crew at West put on a nice clinic as usual. At Quad, the strategy is always to race to win. This means that you strategically don't want to lead until you know you can drop the pack and win. It was clear that Coach Shepard’s strategy for his team was to run relaxed for the first mile and hopefully not have to lead the way. Unfortunately, since West is ranked in the top 10 in the state, no one was going to take the lead in this race other than Team West! This event led to an extremely slow first mile around 6 minutes. The West crew surged after the first mile and both South and Central couldn't respond to the rapid change in pace. It was clear after the mile that West had this one in the bag.

Junior Varsity

The first JV race is always an unpredictable free-for-all. The goal for these guys was just to get out there, run tough, and don't give up. Our new transfer from Vianny, Billy Rohrkaste (roar-cast-e), did just that. He won the JV race with ease and proved to everyone that he is a legitimate Varsity athlete. Scott Tipton, a soccer transfer, got his first taste of a 5K race and also proved he needs a shot on Varsity. Look for these two to give South a boost in the near future.


Ted Faulhaber's crew did a very nice job. Matt Highsmith showed all Parkway freshmen how it's done! He pretty much led the race from start to finish. Had freshman Patrick Andrew not raced on Varsity, Ted's team may very well have won the meet with a nice 1-2 punch. These freshmen are a nice addition to the team. It has been a long wait, but with this freshman class, we think will have the horsepower to once again be an annual state qualifying team.

1 Parkway West 29
2 Parkway Central 39
3 Parkway South 58
4 Parkway North 106

1 Nick Ingle Parkway West 18:00
2 Eric Sivill Parkway Central 18:00
3 Andrew O'Campo Parkway Central 18:03
4 Stephen Andrew Parkway South 18:05
5 Steven Shearman Parkway West 18:06
6 Chris Carter Parkway West 18:28
7 Dan Silver Parkway Central 18:31
8 Andrew Reilly Parkway West 18:35
9 Kevin Koboldt Parkway West 18:44
10 Brian Krumrey Parkway Central 18:57
11 Dustin Stumphf Parkway South 19:13
12 Nick Bonner Parkway West 19:16
13 Patrick Andrew Parkway South 19:18
14 Brian Hernan Parkway South 19:31
15 Alex Poppen Parkway West 19:48
16 Jeff Deveydt Parkway South 19:52
17 Brian Myers Parkway Central 20:10
18 Sam Gallup Parkway North 20:24
19 Dominic Fabrizio Parkway South 20:29
20 Jansen Baja Parkway North 20:52
21 Jeff Bonin Parkway North 20:57
22 Andrew Vu Parkway Central 20:59
23 Christian Alten Parkway North 21:17
24 Sunny Chhabra Parkway North 21:47
25 Justin Pickett Parkway South 21:48
26 Alex Davis Parkway Central 21:51
27 Darren Brooks Parkway North 22:22

1 Parkway West 21
2 Parkway South 54
Parkway Central NTS

1 Billy Rohrkaste Parkway South 19:11
2 Brett Dubuque Parkway West 19:24
3 Andrew Kuehnle Parkway West 19:43
4 Jordan Gagstetter Parkway West 20:10
5 JD Hankammer Parkway West 20:15
6 Matt Rasmussen Parkway Central 20:19
7 Sam Lillard Parkway West 20:37
8 Phil Shin Parkway West 20:40
9 Ryan Magus Parkway West 20:42
10 Austin Zambrana Parkway West 20:49
11 Scott Tipton Parkway South 20:52
12 Will O'Brien Parkway South 20:57
13 Drew Deutschmam Parkway West 21:01
14 Tyler Sonnabend Parkway South 21:21
16 Max Wehmeier Parkway South 22:16
17 Andy Russell Parkway West 22:26
18 Ben Meyer Parkway Central 22:32
19 Shae Bolt Parkway South 22:31
20 Tom Smith Parkway West 22:32
21 Caleb Ki Parkway West 22:36
22 Brian Kuehnle Parkway West 22:36
23 Michael Mertz Parkway South 22:48
27 James Blair Parkway West 23:20
28 Aditya Subbarao Parkway West 23:29
32 Danny Appelbaum Parkway West 23:53
33 Rishi Dev Parkway Central 23:17
34 Ian Kotthoff Parkway West 24:57
41 Ian Lahiri Parkway West 29:21


1 Parkway West 37
2 Parkway South 43
3 Parkway North 70
Parkway Central NTS

1 Highsmith Parkway South 13:55
2 Scott Coulson Parkway Central 13:33
3 Garrett Fuchs Parkway North 14:14
4 Tom Carnesciali Parkway West 14:25
5 James Morse Parkway West 14:47
6 Stovall Parkway South 14:51
7 Nick Baskin Parkway West 15:30
8 Mark Deutschmann Parkway West 15:56
9 Devin Nelson Parkway North 16:00
10 Mark Parkway South 16:05
11 Kevin Deng Parkway North 16:09
12 Cunningham Parkway South 16:12
13 Ben Branstetter Parkway West 16:13
14 Barr Parkway South 16:28
15 Kloeppel Parkway South 16:30
16 Max Gao Parkway West 16:31
17 Fuller Parkway South 16:35
19 Zach Kimberg Parkway Central 16:58
20 Brendan McMorrow Parkway West 17:40
23 Jacobs Williams Parkway North 20:03
24 Matt Lawson Parkway North 20:05
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